tiger carnival

NAME grim/oscar
PRONOUNS he/they
D.O.B. JAN 2 1997

hiii! welcome to my little island on the web!
i made this place to express myself like nobody's watching! :o) of course, i don't mind if you do! a lil history... i grew up on social games like furcadia, second life, imvu, there, awolnow, worlds.com, activeworlds, vzones, penguinchat (before it was club penguin), and several of the penguin chat 3 variants-mainly chibi chat. i liked digital art then, too, in the 2000s-2010s, but my focus was mainly on cosplay, ball jointed dolls, and street fashion. my knowledge of those years are mainly centered around the communities online related to those things, like early DoA and doll makers who don't exist anymore, or egl comms on livejournal/blogs and chans for scans and news about a variety of styles. early on i started with gyaru✨ i love all kinds of clothes, since that is my second biggest passion. u could say i have a passion.. for fashion lol!! but it all started with seeing magazine scans online... i would not be here if not for the fun styling i saw in street snaps ala kera, fruits. 💞
plus, going to conventions and cosplaying (and all the anxiety that came with it 🙃) and meeting so many people! as well, i loved surreal horror like LSD and many rpgmaker games. plus anything indie or old n niche. maybe it was around this time too that i got really into mmorpgs, although mabinogi would be the only one i come back to after all these years. with art, i've been reading webcomics & making art since forever. comics are my passion! it can be hard to draw for months-to-years sometimes though... 😬 trying to make it a regular thing, like coffee or tea. not every day, but not infrequently either. 🌈

now, i'm burnt out by the internet having witnessed it change at breakneck speeds into something barely recognizable from even those times--which weren't perfect in their own right, but were certainly better than this. going back to all the things i used to love, and working on my brain that's been utterly beaten 2 shit by todays internet, has been helping a lot. i'm excited for a day when so many people have their own personal websites again, coded however they like. 💘

(o(*゚▽゚*)o)) Σ(´д`;) ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ

sorry 4 badly optimized pages
(i use 1920x1080 resolution & that's what it's best on. at best, it's flexible! TT_TT)

currently, i've been focusing on my mental health and getting back into art full-fledgedly. i hope to continue to deepen my rekindled relationship with creation and eventually put out a webcomic! it's a huge goal for 2022 to start putting together the things i'd need to start an online shop & the ability to take that shop to convention artist alleys! :o) i don't feel comfortable going to conventions again yet, but i want everything to be ready for my tentative debut back into the art 'scene'! 🍰

chiikawa, devil dies in no time, it's always sunny, what we do in the shadows, one piece, tiger & bunny, flcl, mononoke toei, yume nikki, pokemon, azumanga daioh, cat soup, pop'n music, taiko no tatsujin, pui pui molcar, vocaloid, morning musume, k-on, animal crossing, stardew valley, doko demo issyo, sanrio, san-x, hunterxhunter
toys, dolls, nyamy, street fashion, zines, webcomics, horror, true crime, mythology, 2000s jpn net culture, vintage, nostalgia, y2k aes, indie art communities, theatre takarazuka, furry, ocs, bara, mmorpgs, tamagotchi, rpgmaker games, geocaching, exploring, museums, odottemita, crafts, makeup, arcades, rhythm games, vinyl figs, tiny niche communities online :)

extra info about me
fav color: pink
fav animal: tiger
scent: l'eau d'issey, burning leaves (c.b. ihp)
fav drinks: iced coffee, melon soda, thai iced tea, vodka and cola, banana milk, royal milk tea, mint tea
fav food: biscotti, natto, raw salmon, mango sticky rice, croissant, mister donut
i'm a capricorn!
with my bf for 8 yrs!
from md!
rn i'm into:
drawing, self care (bad brain times), tinkering on website, ffxiv

page upd. jun 22 2022 (but it's a huge wip x_x)