august 5

hi! today i put on a new outfit straight away.

time to run some chores!

u are so right, rolf.

o: ! nice, i'll keep that in mind. lol

first though, i have a new villager. boone!

he's really cute and i'm glad to have him!

i checked on gulliver next because i didn't want to forget about him.

yknow what, i got his place wrong this time because i didn't want to look up the answer. it's fine!

i ran into sylvia again!

she wanted a river fish, presumably for this.

oh my god. i got this yesterday. thank you?!

after running away from sylvia, i ran into rolf again and he had this to say. YES, you've been infecting EVERYONE.

thank you.

talked to walker right after this. he's so sweet <3

ran into amelia!

after this, i ran over to change out my white tile and grass paths for wooden ones.

(open img in new tab) btw this image apparently doesnt exist on this blog anymore??


got a late night sip of coffee. no sugar or milk.

*horse staring at ocean* man

i had found a moth dancing around the light outside of r&c's, but i didn't get a photo so i stopped to catch another.

almost immediately after...

everything he says is so true!! all the time!!

i realized i had some time left before shops close, so, got a new hat from labelle's!

ran to the museum to turn in the moth from today and the flea from yesterday. i also had found a single fossil.

then ran to club LOL for the night since i noticed it was open.


after that, i went to turn in 3 letters i had: for rolf(was supposed to send it yesterday orz), for bob, and for patty!

ran into amelia again, and acquired a nickname.

planted all the bushes i got from leif today. still lining my pathways...

also mildy trying to grow some hybrids. my town is c o v e r e d in flowers and hybrids happen randomly and naturally. but i should probably read a guide--


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