tiger carnival


NAME grim/oscar
PRONOUNS he/they
D.O.B. JAN 2 1997

hiii.. welcome 2 my mind palace....

chiikawa, bob's burgers, devil dies in no time, it's always sunny, what we do in the shadows, one piece, tiger & bunny, flcl, mononoke toei, yume nikki, pokemon, azumanga daioh, cat soup, pop'n music, taiko no tatsujin, pui pui molcar, vocaloid, morning musume, k-on, animal crossing, stardew valley, doko demo issyo, sanrio, san-x, hunterxhunter
toys, dolls, nyamy, street fashion, zines, webcomics, horror, true crime, mythology, 2000s jpn net culture, vintage, nostalgia, y2k aes, indie art communities, theatre takarazuka, furry, ocs, bara, mmorpgs, tamagotchi, rpgmaker games, geocaching, exploring, museums, odottemita, crafts, makeup, arcades, rhythm games, vinyl figs, tiny niche communities online :)

extra info about me
fav color: pink
fav animal: tiger
scent: l'eau d'issey, burning leaves (c.b. ihp)
fav drinks: iced coffee, melon soda, thai iced tea,
vodka and cola, banana milk, royal milk tea, mint tea
fav food: biscotti, natto, raw salmon, mango sticky rice,
croissant, pon de ring, banana pudding
i'm a capricorn!
with my bf for 8 yrs!
from md!