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my little links page! here you'll find my bookmarks & some cool sites i've found before and after discovering neocities! have fun looking around..! under graphics you'll find links to much of the graphics and html i use around my site. if you're curious about something specific let me know!

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bookmark dump

im... gonna sort these later
den of angels: largest (en) BJD forum
mateken search: sozai & web material catalog
sozai no mori: another sozai catalog
textures.com: digital materials/objects/textures
roamheart: furcadia patch database
sai thumbs: wunkolo's paint tool sai thumbnail extension
skinskool: discover & compare skin/haircare by ingredients and formulation
yamanoki's mabinogi skill guide: comprehensive guide to mabinogi skills
eyeleo: eye breaks + exercises for the pc.
f.lux: change color display for eye strain, over time