tiger carnival


i made this place to express myself and have some motivation to create. it's also a no-pressure personal website! i've never really been sure what to write in my manifesto, but i suppose i will try... !


a lil history... i grew up on social games like furcadia, second life, imvu, there, awolnow, worlds.com, activeworlds, vzones, penguinchat (before it was club penguin), and several of the penguin chat 3 variants. for some reason as a kid, i was addicted to chat-based communities online-although i stayed as safe as i could. more than just involving myself in these games, i just loved to bear witness to the social atmosphere. i've always been a lurker, so i've seen more than i've put myself out there.
after that period of my life where i was just obsessed with small chat communities online, i was playing a lot of surreal horror rpgmaker games, and old-school mmos since my pcs at the time were never powerful. i met one of my best friends on an mmorpg called mabinogi, which remains one of my fave mmos to this day!!
after this point, my focus interests were mainly cosplay, ball jointed dolls, and street fashion. my knowledge of those years are mainly centered around the communities online related to those things, like early den of angels and doll makers who don't exist anymore, or egl comms on livejournal/blogs + chans for scans and news about a variety of styles. my favorite style then was gyaru✨ (all types) i love all kinds of clothes, since that is one of my bigger passions. u could say i have a passion.. for fashion lol!! but it all started with seeing magazine scans online... i would not be here if not for the styling i saw in street snaps ala kera, fruits. 💞
plus, going to conventions and cosplaying (and all the anxiety that came with it 🙃) and meeting so many people really tapped into that part of me that loved meeting people or being a bystander to happenings in niche communities online before. my head is full of useless trivia from these time periods.

i've always been an artist but my mental health over the past decade had been not great, and i've infrequently created since. it's my primary focus to heal myself from the inside and encourage more art and craft!! i'm really into comics, zines, etc plus the typical things you'd find at a fest or con. love fabric media & sewing, ceramics, and jewelry. the scope of art that i am into is so broad that i find myself consistently overwhelmed with options to create and learn. i'm also pretty slow-paced as well so far....
i hope soon my website can reflect all these interests <3

i'm exhausted by the internet having witnessed it change into something barely recognizable from even those times--which weren't perfect in their own right, but were certainly better than this. going back to all the things i used to love, and working on my brain that's been utterly beaten 2 shit by todays internet, has been helping a lot. i'm excited for a day when so many people have their own personal websites again, coded however they like. 💘


other's manifestos/writing


other people are better at speaking my feelings than i am..
so here's a collection of other's writings that i appreciate!

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