name: october 'tober'
dob: april 13
age: 33
home: cambridge, ma
current: salem, ma
sun: aries
rising: taurus

tv/movie: the craft, heathers, the x-files, daria, gargoyles, sabrina, star trek, twin peaks, hellraiser, the gremlins, little shop of horrors, fright night, cat's eye, noriko's dinner table, carrie, house, candyman, the birds, devil's rejects
web: f*rcadia, l*vejournal, is the admin of a BBS for a small goth queer community, ffx*v

⋆bio to go here lol⋆

⋆lives in a tiny house in massachusetts bequeathed to him by his parents, it's a little run down but it is home. tucked away in side streets and in a more affordable neighborhood. his windows glow the color of his LEDs at night, casting a liminal glow to the road in the dark. he finds this to be the coziest ever.
⋆is a trans man. HRT & top surgery only.
⋆loves black phoenix alchemy lab-type indie fragrances and the communities surrounding them.
brands he loves are: atelier boz, demonia, tuk, killstar, black peace now


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*he used to wear cyber dreads but no longer does.