dakota 'kody' 'kota'

volks scarface cecile ocean of deep black ver.

shallowsleep aesthetics

birth: Kobe Cruise Event (22nd October, 2006)

home: Oct 25 2013, from France

scarface cecile was my grail doll near immediately after i started being into bjd, and shortly after i joined denofangels is when he was released.

here's a website that archives his (and other volks doll) information. he was on my radar pretty quickly because of the promotion for the cruise as well as being a scarred-eye doll with tan skin! i fell in love immediately.. with the kigurumi of the doll i would get eventually.

i don't care [to hear, even] if you think kigurumi are creepy but personally i love them....

he's my honey and my most treasured possession even though he's been stored in his doll bag for quite some time now. recently my bf started to dip into the bjd hobby so this will be updated more + i'll be taking kota out and finding a more permanent place for him on their own special doll shelf.
i would love love love to get into sewing doll accessories and clothes again.

sieg gail ulich

migidoll cho

faceup: me!

birth: ????

home: ???

other: wip...