wow it's been a while! i've been super busy with life stuff and getting my shit together >_< hows everyone been!? i'm flinging a bunch of updates at the wall--still want to do a major overhaul this year!


long time no update haha O_O updated my pinboard, about me, scrapbook, photo page, links, and more. i'm slowly trying to add interest to the layout. been busy with real life and working on art! excited for big updates come 2024...


updated homepage a lillll, added a webmaterials page, fave chars shrine, and integrated my fc2 into a journal page. i'd like to make it more detailed and journal-like in the future. not much but erm it's shaping up!!


a full month later wwww ... i added an art archives to my site!


finally added pages for all my currently-available shrines! i also dusted around. near-fully recovered from top surgery~