august 6

trying to start my days off with new outfits!

today i got really lucky with a bunch of villagers handing me gifts! walker was first.

i do! and i immediately went to go recolor it black.

aw ;w; me 2...

picked up the rococo dresser i left overnight. (bought at re-tail, from flurry)

ran into boone, and he wanted to trade a patchwork lamp (yesss!!).

went by lucha's house, and he also had a gift.

luckily, vesta landed in a nice spot!

caught a mosquito for my museum. didn't have it before!

omw back out of town, i saw an owl. oh yeah! nice, fireworks for my partner's birthday month. <3

bought mint glasses since they matched the top so well.

back at home w a new treadmill and the patchwork lamp.


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